Parting with my carving tools

I have not actually done any wood carving for several years, as I have concentrated on my various painting activities. All this time, my collection of gouges, chisels, parting tools, sharpening devices and so forth, has been tucked away in my workshop. It's now time to clean house and so, rather reluctantly, I am offering all of my wood carving equipment for sale.
The edge tool collection numbers approximately 25 pieces, some shown above. There are tools from Henry Taylor UK, Ashley Iles, Marples (vintage), Mifer and a couple of antique Buck Brothers gouges. There are various knives as well.

This belt sharpener is "as new" and is complete with motor and one belt

This is a grinder/buffer that I built from some "found" parts. It comes with a motor, one buffer wheel, and one grinder wheel. The wheel on the left is for sandpaper. It does a brilliant job of buffing and sharpening edge tools.

I also have various bits and pieces of antique tools that may be of interest to a collector.

If you are seriously interested in any of these, you can either comment below or, better, use the contact page on my website